(2003-07-14) Uplift Pattern Language

The Uplift Academy is holding a workshop to design a Pattern Language. Richard P Gabriel will be leading, and Jerry Michalski will be part of the group. Note the success of the WORTH Womens Empowerment Program in Nepal. Women in Nepal face tremendous problems of poverty, and social standing. Rather than "solve" these problems, however, they focused on teaching women how to read, save their own money, and gain some autonomy. These women then went on to lobby for roads and clinics, and then tackled issues like alcoholism, domestic abuse and sex trafficking. They "dissolved" problems by amplifying the Core Values of the women... There will be an abundance of patterns of uplift, particularly as the system scales up into larger and more inclusive groups. The issue will be ways of filtering and distilling patterns, building reputations of which work best in which contexts, and ways of understanding the generativity and interaction between the patterns. (Generative)


Empowering Women (Constituency For Change), Solar Cooking, PositiveCore Values (Through the use of Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Positive Deviancy, Story Telling, and many other techniques, we will create an ever-expanding web of interaction which replicates successful, uplifting ideas and actions.), Appreciative Inquiry, Uplift Hotline, Imagine Community

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