(2005-04-30) Malanga Ny Economic Freedom

Steven Malanga on rankings of Economic Freedom for New York State (ranked worst) vs others. Revealingly, a map of the U.S. color-coded by how states rank in economic freedom would look much like today's political map. The blue states that went heavily Democratic - in the Northeast (except New Hampshire!), industrial Midwest and California - all score low on economic freedom. The red states of the South and the Central Plains rank highest. (Red Vs Blue, Economic Development)

Rich Karlgaard writes I always advise cities to forget million-dollar bets on a single industry, and instead make a thousand $1,000 bets on bright Entrepreneur-s who need cheap rent (Real Estate).

Update: still worst in the 2008 report. Best states: South Dakota, Ida Ho, Color Ado, Utah, Wyom Ing, Nev Ada, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Virgin Ia, KanSas.

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