(2006-12-15) Liberaltarian

Brink Lindsey sees Libertarian folks moving from Republican to Democratic parties. Libertarian-leaning voters started drifting away from the GOP even before Katrina, civil war in Iraq, and Mark Foley launched the general stampede.

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Apr'2009: Matt Welch doesn't see much happening here. By the time Bruce Schweitzer sidled up to the convention podium (in 2008), any libertarian notion beyond refusing to torture U.S. citizens was going to be about as welcome as a nude calendar of Karl Rove.

2012: see Peer Progressive-s in Future Perfect

Apr'2013: Ross Douthat sees evidence on both sides: Barack Obama isn’t the Marxist of conservative paranoia, but his economic vision is far more dirigiste than libertarian — which is a big reason why many of the economic libertarians who had soured on the Bush-era G.O.P. ended up returning to the Republican fold. (Though not Lindsey himself, I should note.) On national security, meanwhile, the Democratic Party is plainly much less libertarian — and the Republican Party, mostly thanks to Rand Paul, slightly more so — than it was when Lindsey was drawing up his form of fusionism. But on most cultural issues, the Democratic Party clearly has grown steadily more, well, “Liberaltarian” since Lindsey coined the term. Sounds pretty much like Democrats being Democrats, with less support for Civil Liberty than in the past.

2016: seems like too many "libertarians" went MAGA.

Jun'2020: Somehow I completely missed the existence of the Bleeding Heart Libertarians group which started in 2011 and has now disbanded.

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