(2008-08-01) Doctorow Author Price Discrimination

Cory Doctorow thinks that Micro-Payments mess up the relationship between author and reader.

He thinks authors should focus their thinking on a Price Discrimination mentality. For writers, it's easy to see how a paperback, hardcover, deluxe leather hardcover, signed deluxe hardcover, etc., can fill some of these price-points, all the way up to the traditional writerly gigs of "writer in residence" or "arts grant recipient."... it might be better to give away public appearances (rather than charging a measly $50 for them) in order to increase the possibility of landing a four- or five-figure corporate in-house gig. If someone is going to treat you like a vendor, you should at least be handsomely rewarded. (Conversely, he thinks you should be happy to have people read your EBook for free.) (Business Models For Information)

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