(2010-07-23) Carson Make Real Free Enterprise

Kevin Carson makes Actionable recommendations to create true Free Enterprise (Free Market), vs the Corporate Capitalism we have now. So I’d love to issue a challenge to those “free enterprise” hucksters in the Chamber of Commerce: Let’s have genuine “free enterprise,” and let’s have it now. That means repealing the DMCA, WIPO Copyright Treaty, drug Patent-s, and all other “IntellectualProperty” law — and telling the RIAA, MPAA and Microsoft where to get off. It means cutting the AutoMobile-highway complex, the Military Industrial Complex and agribusiness (Big-Ag) off from the taxpayer teat. It means eliminating all regulatory barriers to the competitive issue of low-interest credit through Mutual Bank-s, against people’s own property or their future earning power. It means ceasing to enforce all absentee titles to vacant and unimproved land. And it means an end to an American Foreign Policy whose main goal is to make the entire planet safe for corporate power.

Jan'2011 update: more from him.

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