(2011-06-10) Schema Org

Schema Org was announced by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo as a shared set of Open Format-s, to be supported by Search Engine-s in scraping Structured Data. It seems to based on Micro Data: how does this differ from GData or various MicroFormat work?

Jun28: roundup of links of discussion, etc.

Aug'2013: Support for the Micro Data API has just been removed from Webkit (Apple Safari). Support for the Microdata API was also removed from Blink (Google Chrome) a few months ago. This means that Apple Safari and Google Chrome will no longer support the Microdata API. Removal of the feature from a browser also shows us a likely future for Microdata, which is less and less support... Microdata was, primarily, a shot across the bow at RDFa. The warning worked because the RDFa community reacted by creating RDFa Lite, which matches Microdata feature-for-feature, while also supporting things that Microdata is incapable of doing.

  • Oct'2013: dropped (to "Note") by W3C, superseded by microformats2

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