(2012-06-20) Taylor Leaving Facebook

FaceBook CTO and platform guru Bret Taylor is leaving FaceBook this summer, Kara Swisher is reporting, off to do a startup with Google App Engine founder Kevin Gibbs.

Dec28'2012 update: Taylor's company has applied for a trademark on the word "Quip.".. Parse the legalese, and what you get is something that sounds a lot like GoogleApps, or the Collaboration Ware and productivity tools offered by startups like BoxNet and Asana.

Jul'2013: They just launched Quip, an IOS Collaborative Writing app. This is meant to be the first piece of the productivity suite for the Mobile era... Quip is charging from the beginning, starting at $12 per month per user for groups of more than five.

Aug'2014 interview.

Aug'2016: getting acquired by SalesforceCom.

Aug'2016: I just noticed their positioning : "Your Team's Wiki Alternative" (TeamWiki). Organize your documents in shared folders to not lose track of important content. Notifications draw people back to update their documents, so you will never worry about your wiki being out-of-date again.

  • ah, it was a landing page pointed to from an ad in LinkedIn, so it was probably targeted at me as a Wiki-Junkie
  • here's their homepage. They still show a "wiki" view which is basically a folder-hierarchy of documents (no Link As You Think), but I'm hoping those documents are lite/Mark Down not imported MsWord dreck.
    • hmm they have MarkDown, but I'm not positive that's the underlying storage format, and that it's accessible from anything else....
  • price is $10/person/month

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