(2012-09-01) Swartz Optimal Biases To Overcome

Aaron Swartz on "What are the optimal Cognitive Biases to overcome?" - ...it wasn’t lack of intelligence or resources or Will Power that kept Eliezer Yudkowsky from doing these things, “it was a gap in general rationality.” So if you’re interested in closing the gap, it seems like the skills to prioritize aren’t things like Commitment Effect and the Sunk Cost fallacy, but stuff like “figure out what your goals really are” (Goal Setting), “look at your situation objectively and list the biggest problems” (BottleNeck), “when you’re trying something new and risky, read the ForDummies book about it first”, etc. That’s the stuff I’m interested in writing about. (KnowHow?)

This is part of a whole "RawNerve" series on getting better at life. (Self Improvement)

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