(2012-10-17) Ipython Notebooks

I keep forgetting to re-try IPython.

Now I found out it has a cool NoteBook feature. *The web notebook provides for a different workflow where you can integrate, along with code execution, also text, mathematical expressions, graphics, video, and virtually any content that a modern browser is capable of displaying... The internal storage format is a JSON file that can be easily manipulated for manual exporting to other formats... We were inspired originally by the excellent implementation in Mathematica, we made a number of attempts using older technologies in earlier Summer of Code projects in 2005 (both students and Robert Kern developed early prototypes), and in recent years we have seen the excellent implementation offered by the Sage system.

Fernando Perez built some code to integrate with Blogger.

JakeVanderplas tweaked that to work with the OctoPress Weblog Engine. Then forked Mat Plot Lib in a way that makes graphs look more hand-sketched (copying the look of XKCD) (and reminding me of Balsamiq Mockups). Freaky.

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