(2013-02-25) ISP Copyright Alert System Starts

Feb22: Most U.S. Internet users will be subject to a new Copy Right enforcement system that could slow the Internet to a crawl and force violators to take educational courses. A source with direct knowledge of the Copyright Alert System (CAS), who asked not to be named, has told the Daily Dot that the five participating Internet service providers (ISP-s) will start the controversial program Monday.

While it doesn't require ISPs to cut off Internet access to repeat pirates—as is the case in France and New Zealand—it will issue escalating punishments to suspected pirates, severely reducing their connection speeds after five or six offenses (SixStrikes).

Though the system's executive director (Jill Lesser) promised to hire an independent consultant to vet the software that will flag copyright violators, that hasn't happened yet.

More details on Copyright Alert System page.

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