(2013-03-11) Rao Foxy Systems Thinking

Venkatesh Rao encourages a "Foxy" approach to Systems Thinking (contra Hedgehog Concept).


  • Motif - Mind Mapping tip: make the center a Motif (tangible anchor example - e.g. Shipping Container, Y2K bug) instead of an Abstract idea (e.g. Globalization, App Life Cycle Management). Good motifs naturally allow our minds to pick out the Important Pattern-s rather than the Conventional ones.
  • Aphorism
  • Metaphoric Map
  • 2x2 diagram (Matrix): discriminates a complex and messy reality into 4 more tractable and equally rich classes by employing 2 orthogonal but mutually relevant dichotomies.. try to name each quadrant with an archetype label or Motif.
  • bricolage, collage, constraint triangles, Improv, paradoxes, parables, Naming, Narrative, Non Sequiturs, Viral Venn Diagrams...

Question like a fox, answer like a hedgehog... Start Up like a fox, scale like a hedgehog.

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