(2013-04-12) Saw2cellos Live

The whole family went to see the 2cellos last night in Elgin (Live Performance). It was awesome.

  • Theater sat ~650, was filled, really nice size/layout.
  • There was a huge age range covered - Number Three wasn't the youngest one there, amd there were people even older than me.
  • They used electric cellos, which look very cool. Some occasional sound filtering (guitar-fuzzbox).
  • They added a drummer for the 2nd half. I'm not sure it was necessary, but it wasn't bad.
  • They kept the energy/flow going - most times, they started the next piece before the applause finished.
  • They did Purple Haze and lots of other rockin' tunes, but not Misirlou (which surprised me).
  • They encouraged people to stand or clap along (white audience alert) at various times. A bunch of students went up on stage during the 1st encore (?), but that seemed slightly contrived.
  • You could spin their style as "cheezy 70s guitar hero" pandering, but I think it's worth it to bring fresh attention to a typically-boring instrument.
  • I'd like to see them do a less-recognizable but still-exciting piece. Maybe even something written just for them.
  • Their final encore was Sting's Fields Of Gold.
  • Everyone had a great time.

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