(2013-10-12) Boyd Realtime Collaborationware

Stowe Boyd on the growing push for Real Time Collaboration Ware. At a certain point, around 2006 or 2007, the rise of more Social Networking tools like FaceBook and especially Twitter pulled attention and users from Instant Messaging, but the rise of more capable companion devices (tablets and Smart Phone-s) and a new sensibility about social connection in the workforce is leading to a return to real-time as a primary communication mode in business. (Full Time Network)

I like Real Time for Ambient Sociability, esp for a Distributed Team.

But as a primary work-tool I think it has 2 horrible features

For a primary tool, Hack Your Project Team With An Issue Tracker Wiki!

Oct'2014: Scott Rosenberg on the risk of boundary-problems with a bad boss.

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