(2018-02-01) Steadman Don't Be The Gray Man

Patrick Steadman: (Don’t) Be the Gray man

Gray man, which is like normcore for preppers, except in the ways that it isn’t.

According to SurvivialThinkTank.com, a “gray man” is “an individual who possesses the skills, ability and intent to blend into any situation or surrounding without standing out, concealing his or her true skills, ability, and intent from others.” The term “gray man” is currently used by survivalists who believe that dressing and acting “gray” will improve their chances if shit hits the fan (SHTF). (Survivalism)

While it’s fun to make fun of the dynamics of virtue signaling on social media, a society where many people have ‘gray’ identities and belief systems is quietly primed for chaos. And chaos and disaster will most likely lead to a very regressive distribution of suffering.

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