(2018-10-11) Critchlow Of Digital Streams Campfires And Gardens

Tom Critchlow: Of Digital Streams, Campfires and Gardens. A thread from Venkatesh Rao on information consumption, with lovely insights about how retreating from technology is not the answer.

As I was reading this thread by Venkatesh I was struck by the similarity to the ideas and concepts in a piece I also read recently (though it’s from 2015) - the garden and the stream, a technopastoral.

So as I’m reading these pieces it strikes me that I consume & produce information as follows:


Campfires - mostly blogging.

Gardens - This is the wiki layer Michael references above and I don’t think I have any real solution here. Where is the tool to curate, connect and explore information? Where is my personal learning curriculum (PLE)?

Are.na, Pinboard, Evernote and Pocket all fill some portion of this gap for me but none of them are building a garden I can maintain…

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