(2020-04-11) Forsyth In Search Of A Localfirst Database

Jared Forsyth: In Search of a Local-First Database. Recently, I've been re-energized in my search by the wonderful Local-first software article by Ink and Switch, and then by James Long's dotConf talk, CRDTs for Mortals.

And so I've once again started to create a data-storage & syncing solution, and as part of that I've been looking into the other options out there.

To start, by my definition of "local-first", a data-storage solution must meet three requirements:




When I went to look at the various solutions out there, it was surprising how few met even those simple criteria.

For the few projects that do make it past the baseline requirements, I've got a much longer list of criteria with which to evaluate them. They fall into the categories of Correctness, Cost, and Flexibility.

I'll keep this post updated with the results as I evaluate various solutions

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