(2020-05-28) Implementing WebMention

Time for Implementing WebMention

Decide to use webmention.io.

Log in, get their snippets.

Decide to add back my Twitter link in my page, even though not part of IndieAuth anymore, just in case that helps pick up some WebMentions.

Template update launched. Now what? Since I'm not displaying them, nobody would know to send any to me.

I sent 1-2 to some other folks using some 3rd party service.

Maybe I should (also) use Bridgy? https://brid.gy/twitter/BillSeitz

  • yes, all tweet likes and responses (TweetBack) to me show up there, including those not tied to any page
  • and now things are appearing at webmentio.io - but only if like/response is on tweet that includes link - commenting on another tweet in the same thread doesn't get caught....

Update: (2021-07-09) TwitterLinks instead of WebMentions

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