(2020-06-09) Sloan Serialized Mystery The Strange Case Of The New Golden Gate Chapter1

Robin Sloan: Serialized mystery: The Strange Case of the New Golden Gate, Chapter 1. On a sunny Tuesday in June, Stella Pajunas missed her burrito. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that multiple pedestrian onlookers watched her step onto the sidewalk, reach upward and vanish. Burrito, splat.

My name is Will Portacio. I have been an archivist, a librarian and a Lyft driver. Until recently, I was the assistant to the Bay Area’s greatest detective (Annabel Scheme!). I am publishing this now because of what happened to Stella Pajunas and the detective and all of us.

I hope she didn’t just vanish between frames.”

Between frames?

“Here one millisecond, gone the next. The best explanation for that kind of phenomenon is that we’re living in a computer simulation, and I am going to be PISSED if we’re living in a computer simulation.”

She’s back.”

“Pajunas? The one who disappeared?”

“Yeah, and she’s screaming a lot.” In the background, we heard a shriek. “Stuff about the bay. How they didn’t fill it...

Later he assembled the pieces into a web-based ebook, subsidized-to-free via a KickStarter.

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