(2020-11-11) Ching Scott Perry Corkscrew Cloud Thinking

3 webinars

  • Webinar #1 - What is CorkScrew Thinking? - Clarke Ching - London, Wed 11 Nov at 8:30pm GMT
  • Webinar #2 - Okay, But How Do I Do It? - Graham Scott - London, Wed 18 Nov at 8:30pm GMT
  • Webinar #3 - What's Holding You Back? - Karl Perry - London, Wed 25 Nov at 8:30pm GMT

Corkscrew Thinking/Solutions is Clarke's coming book. ASIN:B08LKH5M3V related to Bottleneck

"BoB" the corkscrew avatar is an Evaporating Cloud turned sideways.

Lots on Evaporating Cloud and other ToC Thinking Processes.

urgent/difficult 2x2

  • we're pretty good at urgent/difficult and non-urgent/easy
  • but non-urgent medium-difficult more challenging
  • and non-urgent difficult really hard to settle
  • meta: when blocked on a decision, ponder where you are on that
    • and is there a dilemma?
      • draw the evaporating cloud

Tools for challenging assumptions, getting UnStuck.

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