(2023-03-21) Local Barrington IL elections

There's an election Apr04, and I want to see what I can find out about the Barrington, IL candidates.

The big meta-question is what the "Action PAC" candidates will do.

  • they talk about academic excellence, parent-rights, and fiscal responsibility.
  • but I think these are dogwhistles for being anti-gay, pro-white (anti "critical race theory"), pro-christian, anti-filter-mask

School Board (vote for 3)

  • Action PAC candidates: Katey Baldassano, Leonard Munson and Matt Sheriff.
  • other: Diana Clopton, Nelda Munoz, Barry Altshuler, Leah Collister-Lazzari

Library Board

  • Action PAC candidates: Kristin Cunningham, Chase Heidner and Kelly Dittmann
  • other: Rachel Forsyth-Tuerck, Lindsay Prigge, Jackie McGrath

Village Trustee

  • Action PAC candidates: Margot Dallstream
  • other: Brian Prigge, Kate Duncan, Jason Lohmeyer

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