Afghanistan Pipeline

One Conspiracy Theory says that attempts to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan were related to Sept11 attack.

Google for Conspiracy Theory.

An article from YellowTimes: So, yes, access to cheap oil and gas is one, maybe even THE major, ingredient in the mix of why the U.S. is behaving the way it is - as it certainly was in the Persian Gulf War under Poppa Bush - but greed and profit are not the ONLY reasons.

This is hardly a conspiracy. U.S. corporate and government interest in such a pipeline dating back a number of years is a matter of public record. Or do you mean the idea that the U.S. government allowed (or the real far-out ones say planned) the Sept 11 attack? Now that would be a conspiracy :). I'm continually surprised at how dubious the media typically is of such conspiracies, given that history reveals many "unbelievable" conspiracies to be true. --JohnAbbe

  • a theory is that we didn't want such a pipeline controlled by loony Taliban types, so we called on our old mujahadeen buddy Osama to give us a reason to go in and remove them.

More Information --2003/08/12 21:22 GMT
This website could be interesting if only it had some substance. There is really no information or evidence in any of these stories. They need more!

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