Always Be Improv-ing

Summary: Treat human interactions like Improv, co-creation, dancing.

Context: You talk too much


  • You often have an idea in mind before a conversation
  • Or you have an idea fast in response to a conversation
  • You tend not to like/respect other people's ideas
  • You want the best idea/plan
  • You're defensive about your idea or self

Anti-Pattern, Wrong-Solution: Jump in too soon; talk more than anyone else

  • Outcomes: you irritate most people: wife, boss, peers who aren't used to aggressive discussion


  • Count to 5 before speaking, make space for others
  • Have a goal/outcome in mind (often a meta-goal)
  • Be patient/flexible in getting there
  • Be curious
  • Seek some form of value in others' statements, call it out as inspiration for next response
  • Try Yes, And

Alternative names

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