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Basecamp Needs A Wiki

used to be free for just 1 project; $12/month for 3 projects

  • Jun'2014: now $20 for up to 3 projects (no per-user charge)
  • Jul'2015: $20/mo gets you 10 active projects

Oct'2004 - just added assigning tasks to individuals.

  • actually, you assign milestones (which gives you a Calendar view

  • checklists aren't even related to milestones! A "project" has multiple milestones (each with a date and assignedTo), and it also has multiple checklists (with no dates or assignedTo). Huh?

Oct'2006 - no exporting of your data! (though the API should allow it, if you can deal with writing the code...)

Mar'2011 - have been using regularly for AEP now.

  • selecting a Milestone for a To DoList is a nightmare - you have a pulldown of 100+ items in no obvious order
  • To Do items don't appear in any calendars, even though that was promised as "coming soon" when you could first assign a date to a To Do in Nov'2009! Here are some threads tracking the non-progress.

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