Bill Clinton

a US President, 1992-2000

husband of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Progressive Review on his legacy of scandals

activities of Dealing With Terrorism

  • Feb26'1993: first World Trade Center bombing, planned by Ramzi Youssef

  • Jun26'1993: ordered a missile attack (23 Tomahawk missiles) on Iraqi intelligence headquarters in Baghdad in retaliation for an alleged plot by Iraqi agents to assassinate former President George H W Bush as he visited Kuwait in April. On June 5, 1994, a court in Kuwait convicted ten Iraqis and three Kuwaitis in connection with the plot.

  • Nov'1995: seven people were killed (five Americans and two Indians) and 60 injured in an explosion at a car park near a U.S.- run military training center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    • May31'1996: Saudi Arabia beheaded four men found guilty of the November, 1995 bomb attack in Riyadh. Their confessions included claims that they had been members of Afghanistan mujihadeen militias
  • Jun26'1996: a massive truck bomb exploded outside a U.S. military dormitory in Dharan, Saudi Arabia killing nineteen Americans and wounding several hundred others

  • Aug21'1998: US bombed pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, Sudan (believed to be manufacturing chemicals used in nerve gas), along with alleged terrorist training camps in Afghanistan sponsored by Osama Bin Laden

    • retaliation for the bombings of a pair of United States embassies two weeks earlier on August 7: in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar as-Salaam, Tanzania. The bombings killed 12 Americans and nearly 300 Africans.

    • came barely three days after President Clinton admitted he had lied about his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky

      • associations with movie Wag The Dog

        • which led Clinton not to pursue this area of activity. So in a sense, when people say "When Clinton lied, no-one died" they're wrong, because if he hadn't undercut his own credibility he would have been in a position to close down AlQaeda before the World Trade Center attack...
  • Oct12'2000: Uss Cole attacked while refueling in Aden, Yemen leaving 17 sailors dead

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