"ZoPe WebLog interface for any cataloged objects, so long as they have a date attribute that's an ISO string (which everything should, and everything using ZopeCMF Dublin Core Meta Data does). By Karl Anderson

I wanted it to make it possible to blogify a wiki, or any other collection of objects.

I'm not using it that way personally, right now; I found out that I was satisfied with Structured Text and DAV access, so I didn't need to have a wiki interface. But I keep hoping that somebody plays with it that way..."

Appears to require ZopeCMF (in addition to the Calendar tag). Is that true, or can a couple pieces of CMF (S T X Document Entry, C M F Default) be ripped out and used alone? Because I was turned off by ZopeCMF when I looked at it, and don't have a big desire to try again. This Zwiki doesn't even use a Z Catalog, although the newest codebase does support that, so it shouldn't be a big deal down the road... -BillSeitz

reply from Karl

BlogFace doesn't require the CMF.

S T X Document Entry requires that the CMF be installed, but you don't have to know anything about the CMF, or do anything with any CMF stuff. I assume that C M F Default could be ripped out and used alone, but I never tried it.

But S T X Document Entry is just a toy, really. And if you're blogging a wiki, you won't be using it, because the wiki pages will be the entry objects. BlogFace is the blog interface and doesn't interact with the objects used as entries, it just reads the catalog.

The entry objects do need to be cataloged.

The Calendar tag isn't needed if you edit the DTML of the main page and remove it. Right now editing is awkward, that's the only thing that's keeping it in beta, it needs web-editable views.

I can help you set it up if you want to play with it and run into problems, I want somebody to use it that way since I didn't. -Karl

I now have an |exampleand some[[BlogFace/BlogFace/wikiblog.txt |instructions]]online.

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