Little Exercise from John Gray, the bozo of MenAreFromMars, WomenAreFromVenus. - (oy lots of stupid shit said in here, PseudoScience) aka Dancing

I’m just standing. And now, I’m pretending like I’m on a trampoline, and I’m bouncing a little bit. But the difference in this kind of bouncing is that my feet are not coming off the ground. So you’re really just sort of bending your knees up and down, up and down. And you have your hands just sort of shaking by your side. Gradually, you can have your hands over your shoulders—just kind of shaking like you’re waving. And you do that for a little while. Then put them back down and let them shake some more. And you can do some little chopping motions if you like. Not that vigorous, just easy little bouncing.

That’s all it takes - the up and down movement. It will stimulate the lymphatic flow to help move these toxins through. Whenever I take the Super Cleanse drink, I try to do a minimum of ten minutes. During a cleanse, I want to do 45 minutes.

.... Just kind of a slight bounce with your knees, and your hands are effortlessly shaking by the side. Then after a while, you gradually bring your arms, shake them out to the side around your chest level. And then you can bring them up to your shoulder level. For those of you that have seen me do this, it’ll make more sense. And then all the way above the head, like you’re at a rock concert, and your hands are going along with the crowd up in the air. And just do that for a few minutes. Don’t let your arms get too tired. Bring them back down, but keep just a little bounce movement going, and that will always stimulate your lymphatic system - very, very key.

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