aka Coronavirus

Aug'2021 recommendations

In the context of the delta variant, in order of priority

You/I/individuals should

  • get vaccine unless blocked medically/legally
  • reduce/minimize being inside in groups: bars, etc, work remote if possible
  • wear mask in indoor crowded spaces: restaurant school, office

Gov should

  • fully-approve vaccines for adults
  • approve tests by many groups
  • approve vaccines for kids
  • widen distribution of vaccines (doctor's office)
  • fire a lot of people at the top of the CDC and FDA

Orgs should

  • require vaccines for employees (incl teachers) that deal f2f with customers or each other; give time off for a day of side-effects (vaccine mandate, vaccine passport)
  • require masks indoors
  • improve and monitor (co2) ventilation
  • require customer vaccines for crowded areas/events: airlines (incl domestic), mass transit, concerts/sport events

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