Clinger Party

People more crazy than the Tea Party. Stasist people. Fascist, authoritarian, Deplorables, alt-right, Tea Party, nazi, MAGA, Revanchist, Trump Voters....


Aug'2014: Ferguson Mo from 2013-08-11-BrownKilledByFergusonPolice

Jan'2016: Sarah Palin supports Donald Trump as representing the right-winging, bitter-clinging proud clingers of our guns, our God, and our religions, and our Constitution

2018: Venkatesh Rao on Circled Wagon communities: In fight/flight/freeze, we (as usual) neglected the “freeze” demographic. Turns out it’s the most important. (cf (2013-07-03) Orlov Communities That Abide)

Sept'2019: (2016-09-10) Hillary Clinton Half Of Donald Trump Supporters Fall Into Basket Of Deplorables

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