Refined-standard MarkDown.

inconsistencies/issues: 2012-10-25-FutureOfMarkdown

  • Aug'2014: resolved! All the big players actually formed a group and have settled on a shared spec and reference implementations (in C and JavaScript)!
  • Mar'2017: GitHub finally migrating! Well, to a custom superset: The main issue we struggled with is that the spec (and hence its reference implementations) focuses strictly on the common subset of Markdown that is supported by the original Perl implementation. This does not include some of the extended features that have been always available on GitHub. Most notably, support for tables, strikethrough, autolinks and task lists are missing. In order to fully specify the version of Markdown we use at GitHub (known as GFM), we had to formally define the syntax and semantics of these features, something which we had never done before. We did this on top of the existing CommonMark spec, taking special care to ensure that our extensions are a strict and optional superset of the original specification.
  • Jun'2018: StackOverflow adopting

Python library

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