Non Linearity, Complexity Theory, Complex Adaptive Systems, Complex System-s

Bob Frankston: Complexity is a measure of the degree to of our inability to Model a system. (in other words, it's just another way of saying "i dunno")

Wiley's Complexity Journal is not meant to serve as a forum for speculation and vague analogies between words like "chaos (Chaos Theory)," "SelfOrganization," and "Emergence" that are often used in completely different ways in science and in daily life.

The theme of the Complexity International Jounal is the field of Complex Systems, the generation of complex behaviour from the interaction of multiple parallel processes.

Cosma Shalizi says A definition would be nice. So would an ordinal if not a cardinal measure... The "sciences of complexity" are very much a potpourri, and while the name has some justification --- chaotic motion seems more complicated than harmonic oscillation, for instance --- I think the fact that it is more dignified than "neat nonlinear nonsense" has not been the least reason for its success. --- That opinion wasn't exactly changed by working at the Santa Fe Institute for five years.

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