Cultural Pluralism

Culture meta-GameRule/Value of Tolerance toward SubCultures (outgroups?) co-existing and interacting - live and let live

see New Look At Schools

David Brin on our (US, Open Society?) Dogma of OtherNess. Anthropologists tell us that every culture has its core of central, commonly shared assumptions — some call them zeitgeists, others call them dogmas. These are beliefs that each individual in the tribe or community will maintain vigorously, almost like a reflex... "We, too, have our zeitgeist. But I am coming to see that contemporary America is very, very strange in one respect. It just may be the first society in which it is a major reflexive dogma that there must be no dogmas! (Against Method)

cf Diversity, Human Universals

Can you really avoid Culture War?

Does limiting to Nations-Lite/Minimal Compact help? Instead, we're moving further toward the Unitary State.

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