EBook distributor



founded by Albert Wenger and Susan Danziger

Feb'2013: acquired by Jennifer8 Lee's Plympton.

Apr'2008: seeking to hire full-time developer

  • site says position is in Westchester

  • but I may be willing to go with Manhattan

unique positioning: by splitting books into Mobile-friendly small chunks (MicroContent delivered by EMail or RSS), Book Publishing companies are comfortable enough to

  • avoid DRM

  • offer better prices than EBook-s have had so far (even better than Kindle)

  • other advantages of this model

    • no need to install extra software (big issue for most people)

    • given use of email/rss software, good to not have to remember-where-you-were within a big bucket - you just read/finish an installment in a few minutes

    • this also makes it easier to keep your place in-synch across devices (Mobile vs DeskTop)

  • my personal Tag-Line for it: BooksInBits (pardon the pun)

list of all books ordered by posting-date.

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