David Chaum

David Chaum is the inventor of many cryptographic protocols, including blind signature schemes, commitment schemes, and digital cash... His contributions to cryptography include the invention of two anonymity networks: mix networks (the basis for virtually all modern anonymity networks) and DC-Nets; silo watching techniques; invention of several important digital signatures: blind signatures, undeniable signatures, unconditionally secure signatures, and group signatures; tamper-safing sensor systems (foreshadowing many concepts in side-channel cryptanalysis); various techniques for anonymous credentials, invention of partial key techniques (a predecessor to threshold encryption); first techniques for anonymous digital transactions and the invention of digital cash; early zero-knowledge proof techniques; multiparty computations; and the invention of cryptographic voting. He also performed notable cryptanalysis of DES and the RSA signature scheme.

Currently, Chaum heads the Punch Scan and Scan Tegrity projects - open-source, end-to-end auditable EVoting initiatives based on cryptographic principles.

founded DigiCash



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