a way to confuse a Product Team via Project Management :)

Jun'2014: Michael O Church on the rarity of their appropriateness, and what they really mean the rest of the time. A Type I deadline is one with substantial penalties to the client or the business if the deadline’s missed. Lawyers see a lot of this type of deadline... Most software “deadlines” are Type II. “QZX needs to be done by Friday” doesn’t mean there’s a real, external deadline. It means, usually, that QZX is not important enough to justify more than a week of a programmer’s time. It’s not an actual deadline but a resource limit. That’s different. Some people enjoy the stress of a legitimate deadline, but no one enjoys an artificial deadline, which exists more to reinforce power relationships and squeeze free extra work out of people than to meet any pressing business need.

Jul'2018: Tom Peters supports them. (With response from Ron Jeffries.)

novel by Tom DeMarco about software Project Management - seems to advocate Big Design Up Front! But entertaining anyway.


a section on inevitable Project Failure in some Big Projects (esp in BigGov: FAA, etc.)

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