Deep State

Shadow Government? Fourth Branch?

Turkey: The deep state (Turkish: derin devlet) is alleged to be a group of influential anti-democratic coalitions within the Turkish political system, composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services (domestic and foreign), Turkish military, security, judiciary, and mafia.[1][2] The notion of deep state is similar to that of a "state within the state". For those who believe in its existence, the political agenda of the deep state involves an allegiance to nationalism, corporatism, and state interests.

US? In the United States, the term "deep state" describes a form of alleged cabal that coordinates efforts by government employees and others to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership.[1][2][3] The use of the term as applied to the United States has been dismissed by numerous journalists and academics as a conspiracy theory.[4][5][6][7] The term has also been used to refer to alleged cabals in countries such as Turkey and post-Soviet Russia.[8][9] In the United States, the term has been used in numerous published titles written by, for example, Marc Ambinder, David W. Brown, Peter Dale Scott, Mike Lofgren, and Michael Wolff. The term gained popularity in some circles during the 2016 U.S. presidential election in opposition to establishment Republican and Democratic candidates, and has also been used in 2017 and 2018 during the Donald Trump administration by commentators who argue that deep states are aiming to delegitimize the Trump presidency.

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