Design Pattern

This page focuses on adoption of the Pattern Language approach to Software Design.

  • for more general case, see Pattern

kicked off by "GangOfFour book" - WikiWikiWeb:GangOfFour, WikiWikiWeb:DesignPatternsBook


Peter Norvig notes notes that many of the patterns in the book can be implemented much more easily in Dynamic Languages than in C Plus Plus

May'2012 Ward Cunningham interview: The job was really to take C++, which was a fairly static language, and show people how to write dynamic programs in a static language. That's what most of the patterns in that book were about. And in the process, patterns extended the life of C++ by a decade, which is not what I thought would happen. What I thought would happen is people, when they learned these patterns, would look at them and say, "Wow, these patterns are hard in C++ and they're easy in Smalltalk. So if I want to think in terms of these patterns, I might as well use a language where they're easily expressed." And extend the life of Smalltalk by a decade. But the opposite happened.

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