Design Science

A concept of Design Science was introduced in 1957 by Bucky Fuller[1][2] who defined it as a systematic form of designing.[3] He expanded on this concept in his World Design Science Decade proposal to the International Union of Architects in 1961.[4] The term was later used by S. A. Gregory in the 1965 'The Design Method' Conference [5] where he drew the distinction between scientific method and design method. Gregory was clear in his view that design was not a science and that design science referred to the scientific study of design. Herbert Simon in his 1968 Karl Taylor Compton lectures [6] used and popularized these terms in his argument for the scientific study of the artificial (as opposed to the natural). Over the intervening period the two uses of the term (systematic designing and study of designing) have co-mingled to the point where design science may have both meanings: a science of design and design as a science.

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