Dialogue Mapping

Dialogue process using IBIS, Shared Display, and Active Listening. Dialogue Mapping™ is a radically inclusive facilitation process that creates a diagram or 'map' (cf mind-map) that captures and connects participants' comments as a meeting conversation unfolds. It is especially effective with highly complex or “Wicked” problems that are wrought with both social and technical complexity, as well as a sometimes maddening inability to move forward in a meaningful and cost effective way. Dialogue Mapping™ creates forward progress in situations that have been stuck; it clears the way for robust decisions that last. It is effective because it works with the non-linear way humans really think, communicate, and make decisions.

crummy examples/case studies:

Compendium is key tool currently available.

book by Jeff Conklin ISBN:0470017686

Eugene Eric Kim article from 2001.

  • and bits from 2004 on how he used it then.

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