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some random thoughts on friction and intent

I was on a FedWiki call recently when Ward Cunningham asked my thoughts on page-renaming. I said I had considered some options for building code for it, but eventually dropped them. The scenario I was interested in supporting was accelerating my pipeline from Instapaper to my outer garden. Right now I do some manual processing on my laptop on highlights I pull down from Instapaper before running a script to push them to my garden. That includes changing the body and changing the title. So I was thinking that with good renaming, I could instantly post online, then revisit later.

But then I realized, that the "revisit" gap would still be there, and in between I'd have a lot of gunk in my garden.

Reviewing a piece, adding appropriate wikilinks to integrate it into my shared language, are similar to a Progressive Summarization process.

This also relates (in my head, at least) to why Tags are not nearly as helpful as wikilink/backlinking. (See old WikiWord As Tag.)

Tags, being relatively fixed, are an affordance for convergence (pulling together pages around a given anchor). But wiki/backlinking also supports divergence: I can play with different frames, then keep/reject/leave-fallow over time as I find them varyingly useful.

As an example, what was originally a Diet and Exercise page begat: Good Diet, Exercise, Physical Fitness, Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Tailed, Snack Food, Junk Food, Things I Like To Eat Ordered By Weight Watchers Points.....

Similarly: PythonPython Web ProgrammingPython Web FrameworkZope, Pyramid, Django, FlaskDjango For Simplest Thing, Pyramid For Simplest Thing, Webpy For Simplest ThingFlask For Wiki Engine....

And, of course, the Meaningful Life Roadmap links to a bunch of different glosses....

Each of those spin-off pages might start as a stand-alone, but end up with other notes attached to them... so then I might be at fresh-note → recent anchor page → other related anchor pages → other related notes.

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