Dynamic Street Parking Pricing

Instead of making (public) Street Parking cheaper than Garage Parking, make it comparable in price (maybe even more expensive, since more convenient). Make it more expensive at high-use periods of day, and make it more expensive over time (e.g. parking for 4hrs costs more than 4x parking for 1hr).

Jul'2008 article about trying it in San Francisco in combination with WireLess sensors to broadcast empty spaces from Street Line. The San Francisco project is part of a more ambitious Sensor network that will use technology for a range of services. It will be possible to monitor air quality as well as deploy noise sensors that act as sentries for everything from gunshots to car crashes. Advocates assert that wireless sensor technology is now so inexpensive and reliable that it is practical to use for essential city services.

  • A number of companies, like StreetlineNetworks, Vehicle Sense, SensysNetworks and Parking Carma, already have detection systems at work.

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