Electronic Medical Record

automation of the HealthCare process

Healtheon is in this space...

CCR is an emerging standard...

some random thoughts:

  • the idea of small doctor's offices buying a locally-run EMR app sounds insane to me these days

  • everyone needs Broad Band so software like this can be provided as an ASP

  • if everyone thinks that Prescription Drugs errors are a biggest or most-preventable category of Medical Error, then starting out by pushing that narrow behavior change might make a lot of sense: Online Prescribing

  • and of course the government can impose electronic filing for reimbursement

  • and further applications can be extended a bit at a time, and integrated in terms of granular transactions via Web Services standards. This might not quickly lead toward a fully-integrated EMR view, but that's not necessarily warranted for most patients

  • there's obviously a huge Digital Identity problem surrounding all this data being shared loosely

  • and a potentially huge transition cost if an attempt is made for spooge all history into it up front. A more realistic and pragmatic approach might be to focus on putting a small amount of summary data into the system for existing patients, and just moving forward.

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