Energy Accounting

Bucky Fuller concept of measuring the true cost of anything (object/product or process/service) in terms of total-life Energy consumption (in making, operating, disposing, etc.) (Transparent Society) sankey diagram

"Cosmic Costing"

The liquidity of the World Energy Grid would lead to such a method.

I think the Ecological Footprint model is highly derivative (and inferior) to Bucky's work.

Mixes of sectors (and biggest sub-sector) in the US:

  • industrial: 36%: Facilities and equipment used for producing and processing goods.... 22% chemical production
  • transportation: 35%: Vehicles which transport people/goods on ground, air, or water... 61% gasoline fuel
  • residential: 17%: Living quarters for private households.... 32% space heating
  • commercial: 12%: Service-providing facilities and equipment (businesses, government, other institutions)... 25% lighting

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