Engines For Education

book by Roger Schank, ISBN:0805819452

also Non-Profit founded by Roger Schank


We are creating a new kind of educational experience meant to help students develop Real World skills that are exciting to them and will help prepare them for the world of today, instead of the world of 1892... We are developing Story Centered curricula that simulate real-life situations with meaningful goals in a year long experience. (Stimulating Learning Projects)

For 2006, Engines for Education has set as its goal the creation of a Virtual High School. The Virtual High School will offer curricula that are on line, mentored by experts around the world. It will be offered at a reasonable price and in a variety of languages... Students will live virtual experiences in the field of choice, spending a year working in a field that interests them guided by experts in that field... Graduation from the Virtual High School would occur when the student has completed four full year curricula taken in any order. The initial plan is scientific reasoning in the first year, Health Science-s in the second year, new technologies in the third year, and aerospace engineering or Entrepreneurship in the fourth year.

Aug'2013: describing what their faculty tool supports, contrasting to bad practice of "putting their existing courses on line".

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