fork of Mozilla from 2002 which is browser-only (no email), faster

ack! on MacOs X, at least, doesn't support Find within form Text Area, something which Mozilla (on MsWindows at least) added a long time ago

  • update: fixed

==== Fresh notes 2013 ====

Find-on-page isn't bad, but like Chrome's more (highlights all matches, shows little notches in scroll-bar to show you where matches are on page....

List of windows isn't alphabetized.

  • I really wish the list would show the 1st tab on each window (because that's typically the "parent" that provides Context), instead of the current tab. But most people probably wouldn't want that.

Hrm, have to restart periodically because it starts to get really slow (on MacOs X).

  • Did it yesterday after roughly a week
  • Argh it's slow again today! Terminal/top says it's using 100% of CPU even when I'm not touching anything
    • Solution: I
      • closed a few windows I didn't really need - don't think this mattered
      • closed/re-opened a couple windows that had Flash Video I had started and then paused
      • within a minute Firefox use of CPU was down at 20%
      • update: windows that auto-update streams (like FaceBook and maybe Feed Ly) are good candidates to close. Even in Google Chrome, I often found that Google Plus was eating things up - though in Chrome at least there was an easy way to see that).

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