We build identity, data, and compute solutions for the future of the Internet.

Our Core Projects: These are the projects under our sole stewardship.

A true local-first, edge computing stack with password-less accounts and secure, user-owned data.

Fission Reactor
Our applied research pod, currently focused on CRDTs and edge databases

Fission-Led Efforts: These are projects we’ve initiated and continue to lead, but that involve many external partners.

A trustless, secure, user-originated authorization and revocation scheme.

A distributed file system built on IPFS. It is versioned, logged, programmable, encrypted, and fully controlled by the end user.

An open, decentralized, and local-first execution layer that brings compute to IPFS.

  • as a serverless function developer: If you're proficient in Rust, try your hand at writing IPVM functions that compile to Wasm and can be run by anyone in the network. We'll add support for JavaScript, Python, and other languages that compile well to Wasm over time

A far-edge database for local-first applications and autonomous computing agents

  • As far as we know, RhizomeDB is the first system to combine encryption, CRDTs, and local-first database functionality... employs our PomoDB protocol

A way to share UCAN permissions with keys without knowing what those keys are - it assigns a name address to the key.

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