Photo Social Software site/service

this Concept Model gives a decent map of the features available.

starting to play with it - my narrow goals are

  • have a place outside my WikiLog to eat up disk space online
  • save me the hassles of converting photos to smaller file sizes

I'm annoyed that my (a) my camera only uses image numbers without create dates in the file names, using folders to provide date info, but (b) FlickR doesn't upload by folder, and therefore loses the create-date info.

  • suppose I could upload in daily batches, and use a date-specific tag for each batch...
  • update: I'm wrong, it has the actual photo-taken date from the Digital Camera Meta Data.

I'm also annoyed that the URI for each photo doesn't use its filename, which means that any links I make to it will be totally useless if I migrate to some other host later...

GeoTag support

May'2012: how Yahoo blew it. When Flickr hit the ground at Yahoo it was crushed with engineering and service requirements it had to meet as per demands of the acquisition integration team. Those were a drain on resources, human and financial. Even though many of the resources came from Yahoo, they were debited against Flickr. This created an untenable cycle that actively hampered innovation... If you want to see where it completely fucked up, where it just butchered Flickr with dull knives and duller wit, turn on your phone and launch the Flickr Mobile app. Oh, what's that, you don't have one? Exactly.

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