Four Hour Body

Timothy Ferriss Physical Fitness book. ISBN:0307463656

I have 2 semi-self-contradictory criticisms of this book. It preaches from a Self Experimentation (Quantified Self) perspective, but:

  1. It makes no attempt to help you test his ideas on yourself.
  2. I have real issues with the self-experimentation crowd because I haven't seen anything addressing the question as to whether the measures you take over 2mo-2yrs are predictive of long-term effects. (See recent article about the professor who lost weight on his Twinkie-heavy all-junk-food diet.)
  3. Also note that, if you don't go from a self-experimentation stand-point, than you're at a loss to figure out how to pick-and-choose from the huge list of things he does (much less the stuff he tried and then dropped).

Giles Bowkett found that his cholesterol count went way up when he dropped his vegan (Joel Fuhrman) diet for a compromise that sounds closer to Ferriss' ("SlowCarb", which sounds a lot like a Caveman Diet).

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