logical framework, mental model, WebApp Framework, etc.

FrameWork was one of the early software "integrated suites" (I used it in 1986). What made it intersting was that each document was based on an outline, with each node having potentially a different content type (spreadsheet, db table, text, etc.). So you could show/hide different levels of detail, restructure the document easily, etc. (Another probably-important thing was that it had some fairly-real language built in. But at the time I didn't appreciate that.) The initial release of Framework included about a dozen or so frame types (identified by a FRED function, @frametype). Frame types included containers which could be filled up with other frames, empty frames which could become other type of frames based on user input, formulas embedded in them or program output targeting them, word processor frames, flat-database frames and spreadsheet as well as graphic frames.

Later sold by Borland to "Selections & Functions, Inc", who was supporting it as-of/until 2014.

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