French Revolution

Overthrow of the monarchy in 1789.



  • There was huge National Debt from the silly reign of Louis and the Seven Years War.

  • The nobility had been paying no taxes

  • With the government unable to borrow any more money, the king tried to tax the nobility.

  • But they had enough political power to block that process

  • Which make the lack of Absolute Power of the monarchy more clear

  • Which may have reinforced existing demands of the middle/lower classes for more power

  • Leading to a stalemate with the nobles who didn't want to give up any of their power or wealth

  • But the populists were moving toward setting up a constitutional government

  • But the king closed down that process and banished Necker (who had been in the middle of the process) - this was seen as a coup by the old regime, and violence started.

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