GODEL is a large-scale pre-trained model for goal-directed dialogs. It is parameterized with a Transformer-based encoder-decoder model and trained for response generation grounded in external text, which allows more effective fine-tuning on dialog tasks that require conditioning the response on information that is external to the current conversation (e.g., a retrieved document). The pre-trained model can be efficiently fine-tuned and adapted to accomplish a new dialog task with a handful of task-specific dialogs. This repository is based on Huggingface Transformers... (Update 10/23/2022) We have released GODEL V1.1, which is trained on 551M multi-turn dialogs from Reddit discussion thread, and 5M instruction and knowledge grounded dialogs. It has shown significantly better results on our benchmark, especially in the zero-shot setting. https://github.com/microsoft/GODEL (chatbot) (built in Python)

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